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Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = Oh My God. This dude @SBTRKT does not suck. At ALL.

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Holy shit son. Holy shit. How I’m feeling about this is real. This album is The Electronic Future. The Techno Way and the light.
SBTRKT basically just came through and make me like some shit that I usually dont like. And were passing “like” status. Were getting to “playing this shit daily” type-love. Its serious. Real talk? Fuck all that Frank Ocean shit.

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Ludacris: How Low Can You Go (Official Video and Link)

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This is an official Ludacris Link, so it shouldn’t be removed at this point.

I get a lot of people who say I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to hip hop… really only leaning towards quality MCs that have something worthwhile to say over a hot beat, with very minimal in the club/coke/bullshit rap. It’s not that, really. I love my Ignorant Party Songs just like any other adult. But I like them done right. And I can always count on Luda to do it right.
“How Low Can You Go”, from Ludacris’ and Shawnna’s (supposed, but doesn’t look like its gonna happen) upcoming “Battle of the Sexes” album… is just pure, unadulterated ass-shaking, booty popping, in the club, car woofer exploding, bassTACULAR FUN. Produced by T-Minus, (who does a wonderful job with the drumwork in this song) it’s he type of song that actually makes me want to get up and shake my booty a bit. And that’s saying a LOT.

Not only is the record itself great, but Luda hits us with that old school, ‘Missy Elliot-esque’ video. **Figured out why later… most of Ludacris’ and Missy’s videos are shot by the same person… Dave Meyers (great job dude). Themed around old scary movies and superstitions like “Bloody Mary” and “Jason,” and with random appearances by the Jabbawokkees (sp?), it’s the perfect balance of humorous, well choreographed ass shaking. Shoutout to @MzAshton, who got her client casted PERFECTLY in this video (get your business on, ma).


That is all.