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Jill Scott Live at Jimmy Kimmel. Photos and Video:

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Click on the Slide if you want a bigger, fuller photo.

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Wonderful time with a great woman and performer, it was.
Picking up the tickets for 1iota and bringing some friends along for the ride, I headed over to Hollywood and Highland for an awesome free concert from Jill Scott. Since it would be my first time seeing her in live format since the “A Long Walk” tour over 7 years ago… I was curious and a bit geeked to see what she would have in store and how she would sound live on these tracks. And as usual, Ms. Scott does not disappoint. Although only given 4 to 5 song set to keep us impressed and entertained, Jill added on two extra songs just for us. Singing “Shame” (you can see that below), So Blessed (a new, NICE track), Golden, Gimme, It’s Love, and A Long Walk… I have to say. Its the best free concert I’ve been to in a while.

Thanks for a great time, Ms. Scott.

Check the video below for more, and enjoy.

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June 24, 2011 at 7:19 am

Jill Scott's 'The Light of The Sun' Streaming in its ENTIRETY on NPR.

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Light of The Sun.

Short, sweet and to the point:

Click here, and head on over to NPR to listen to Jill Scott’s brand new album, “The Light Of The Sun.” In Full. I’m already 3 songs in and the shit is somewhat glorious. Its your turn to find out now.

Also, make sure youre following the Tumblr now.

See you guys soon.

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June 13, 2011 at 12:44 pm

If you missed it: Jill Scott settles with Hidden Beach; Possible New Album on the way.

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If you missed it = I missed it, so you might have not seen it yourself. So here you go.

In classic Jill Scott fashion, it looks like she has privately resolved the ongoing legal issues with her label, Hidden Beach Records. It began when Hidden Beach filed their suit against Jill, claiming that she still owed them Several Albums. Jill counter sued, Claiming the ability to dissolve contract via California 7-Year Clause. Just when you thought this wasn’t going to end well, Jill pops up on the Essence Music Festival dates, the album title “The Light Of The Sun” pops up (I’m late tho), and she quietly settles out of court with terms of the agreement kept confidential. Hey. Whatever you need to do to get moving. I’ve heard you’re going all the way in with the new album, cant wait to hear where your heart is at right now. Good luck with everything.


(This song still hits a fu*king nerve. Got me feeling some kinda way about something.)

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February 21, 2011 at 1:36 pm