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Von Pea announces New Tanya Morgan Project; "You & What Army?!" I geek out inside.

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While we’re pointing out Twitter announcements, dont know if I’m allowed to point this one out but considering Von Pea announced it a few days ago and I’ve just been running behind on getting to all the musicawesomes in my life… I might as well point out more new music coming from Tanya Morgan, my favorite boys.
Now when a musician says September, that usually means a month or two after that. Regardless, after that “Without Hands” track they just dropped, I’m just happy to know that theres more good music on the way.

Click on the links for more, and enjoy.

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July 7, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Oh My God. Stop what your doing. This new @TanyaMorgan is HUGE. Links:

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Not mad at the kids hoppin on some new beats. Nice, big, huge beats that make them sound even more special than what they normally are.
Swipe from The Kids on Twitter and Okayplayer:

Here goes the OKP premiere of some new new from Tanya Morgan “Without Hands” (not to be confused with that strip club anthem) featuring Che Grand, King Mez, and Skyzoo. This Veterano produced track is off the upcoming full-length release, The Official SXSW Mixtape. The tape is a collection of songs that were recorded on site (Unique Squared Mobile Studio) at this past March’s SXSW Festival. But back to the song at hand, scratches were provided by DJ Presyce, and the track was mixed by Fokis. As he’s known to do, Skyzoo goes off on that last verse. The Official SXSW Mixtape is set to drop May 31st via DJ Booth.

[haiku url=”″ title=Tanya Morgan – Without Hands: Produced by Veterano”]


Spread the word; this is glorious.

I’ll be hanging out with @TanyaMorgan tomorrow. You should roll through.

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Tanya Morgan returns to LA (YAY!)  with Big Pooh (Double YAY!) for their intelligently titled “Value Menu Tour.” It’s sure to be a night of awesome, real hip hop music, drinks and fun.
Just go.

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January 29, 2011 at 4:10 pm

I'll be hanging out with @TanyaMorgan tomorrow. You should roll through.

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Tanya Morgan returns to LA (YAY!)  with Big Pooh (Double YAY!) for their intelligently titled “Value Menu Tour.” It’s sure to be a night of awesome, real hip hop music, drinks and fun.
Just go.

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January 29, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Happy Birthday, Von Pea.

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Handsome AND Talented.

11/11. What an awesome day to be born. Happy Bornday to one of the most Talented and Underrated MCs and Producers to ever do it… The Wonderful Von Pea.

You wanna help him celebrate his birthday? Go ahead and pick up his brand new EP Album, “Pea’s Gotta Have It,” from IM Culture. Or you can check out some brand new music (via Hip Hop is Cool Again) called “New Pair…” which is for the Sneakerheads out there… Or you can check out one of his upcoming shows below.

Either way… go party with and support your boy.

Touring! Yay!

Tanya Morgan on the Westcoast. Rejoice. Then go see them.

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Tanya Morgan in LA. Hooray.

So Tanya Morgan and Fusicology team up for the powerful “Headphone Rock” Tour. With 8 dates set up for the next two weeks, DonWill, Ilyas and Von Pea hit the entire Western Seaboard to rock dates and party all night long. You can go to Fusicology’s main website for more info on ticketing.

You’d better go.

So the Music Nerdery continues with Freeway and Jake One. Check Out My New “Stimulus Check.”

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Check this awesomeness.
So I preordered my copy of the Amazing album, “The Stimulus Package,” about 2 weeks before it dropped. If I can give my money directly to the source, I’ll always take that route… I wanna make sure my money gets to the right place. Especially in this economy.

So in return for making a direct order from The Fifth Element Online, you got an AWESOME package of stuff included with your CD, which already had some of the best packaging and liner notes of the last 12 months. All of this for $14.50 including the shipping, which frankly is  a steal.

look at all this free awesome.

Now, if that wasn’t enough to activate the Music Nerd in you, wait until you see what I got in the mail on saturday from Jake One, Freeway and The Fifth Element… My Official Stimulus Package Check. Just when I thought it was over, Jake and Freeway take music marketing, packaging and over all coolness to a whole other level with this one…

Taking that Music Nerdery to a WHOLE new level. And yes, in the upper right hand corner...

YES. The Jake One/Freeway STAMP, family. They are THOROUGH. but wait... it gets better....

Inside is a HAND SIGNED Stimulus "Check" from Jake (Secretary of Beats) and Freeway (Chief of Rhymes) for %15 of my next purchase at the Fifth Element Store. Seriously. How much cooler can this shit get? My musical journey is complete. LoL.

Musicians and those in the music business trying to figure out how to move units in this day of the digital download…. Take note.
THIS is how you do an album release. Giving the fans not only the great packaging and liner notes and a great album of music… but paying attention to and showing appreciation for the fans out there, with little things like this. These are the things that keep your fans dedicated, and waiting for more. In my case, its got me up and blogging (even tho I’m not really feeling it) because if you guys can take the time to sit down and sign I don’t know HOW many of these things… the least I can do is blog about how AMAZING it is, along with a full album review (coming shortly).

Seriously, I havent seen anything THIS thorough since Tanya Morgan came through with the Brooklynatti Survival Kit last year. That was pretty amazing.

Anyways, enjoy the photos, and spread the word. If  you havent purchased that Jake One/Freeway album, direct order that through their distributor, Fifth Element. You Cant Lose.

Also, a lot of you noticed that yesterday was one of the first days in history of this newbie blog where I didnt post anything. Just to let you know, I will be taking a day or two off for a minute to attend to some family business (drama), reup my blog supply and get back to you with more good music. If anything major happens, including news with VH1Soul, I will have someone update and get you informed quickly.

Thanks for reading.