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Short Brown Wigs + Stripper Poles = Shakira going hard in this new video with Pitbull. Link:

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Well Gatdamn.

For me, its just nice to hear the chick singing in spanish again after this time. So all this twerking on the pole, while glorious (No Lesbo), is unnecesary. Regardless, I love Shakira. Especially old school, singing in spanish Shakira. So what is this? Her 9011th album at this point? Jebus. And shes still popular and relevant. I admittedly lost track after her “Ojos Asi” Unplugged album, but always kept an ear out for her since she could always sing the hell outta a pop tune. Good for her.

Teaming up with Pitbull and getting her full out latin influence on… I actually like this song. Both her singles from her “Sale el Sol” album actually have not sucked at all. So thats always nice.
Watch below, and enjoy.

Written by E

June 25, 2011 at 10:28 pm