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Common + No I.D. + New Music = "Summer Madness." Listen:

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Finally, one of my Top 5 rappers releases a record that I am satisfied with, leaving me curious for more.
Please, let there be more.

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June 22, 2011 at 10:55 am

Dear Internets. The D’Angelo Album is REAL. Let me attempt to prove it to you (Part Two):

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Remember when I was telling you the D’Angelo Album is Real? Yeah. More Proof.

If you didn’t believe me, the backtracking, general watching, and the fact that a good friend is actually in the middle of mastering this album… then lets go ahead and get the clear and precise Questlove internet statments on top of all of that.

Coming from my friend Andrew and Gedi over at Prefix and Potholes, they went ahead and pointed out some awesomeness at The Urban Daily and on Facebook that I somehow missed out on… and awesome little quip that basically verifies everything I’ve been saying for the last few months, including the people who are involved in it.  Yay for facebook screenshots. Awesome. Click the links if you want more.


Yeah, I should have posted this up ages ago, but Computer Armageddon folks. Still catching up. Still important to post up and update you on, since, you know. I kinda love this dude regardless.

Please let this be good.


Zach De La Rocha announces New Rage Against The Machine album to be completed in Summer 2011. PRAISE MUSIC JEBUS.

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So. After about 2  years of speculation and guessing, Zach has confirmed that RATM is in the process of completing their Newest album. If this is true, this will be their first studio album since 1999 “Battle of Los Angeles.”

This is huge. This is kinda huge is my world. The geeking out that’s occurring over here, right now, is seriously indescribable.

Okay. Anyways. Back to explanations and confirmations and links and interviews and the good shit. Looks like Zach headed down to Chile (politicalolz) to speak with longtime Media Outlet “La Tercera” for an in-depth interview regarding his whereabouts, plans for Rage Against The Machine, and any plans they have. After finding the interview and translation online, posted the basics here. Read below:

In the La Tercera interview, the RATM frontman revealed that since the band’s 2007 reunion, they have been a more cohesive, mature unit.  He added that the group is working a new album that may drop in the summer of 2011.

Other sites have put the statement in question into Google Translator and come up with some interesting results, but roughly translated, de la Rocha’s statement was the following:

Q: The band reunited in 2007. How was this second life going to go?

A: Very well, we are all older and more mature and we don’t fall into the problems we encountered 10 or 15 years ago. This is different and we projected a lot. We are working on a new album that will come out next year, perhaps in the summer in the northern hemisphere.

So Yeah. This is looking official and real. And if it is, I’m all over it.
I’ll be keeping you updated as I find out anything. You cross your fingers.

I did this, by the way.