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Black Thought spits over Kid Daytona's "On The Hill." This made me happy inside.

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Good Times.

Meant to post this a little while back with The Roots at The Playboy Jazz Festival joints, but I’ve been real busy with work and helping friends pack. But I definitely wanna get this up for you to see. Along with Black Thought doing a little of “Walk Alone” for us to see, He also was ill enough to freestyle over that new Kid Daytona “On The Hill” that everyone knows I love. Go ahead and check the footage below.


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June 21, 2011 at 8:36 am

Erykah Badu Album Release Party @ The El Rey: 3.30.2010

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This is one of the only photos I could get, since I was partying hard.

Wow. This was an interesting night.
It all started with Erykah sending out a late night tweet (#theysleepwegrind) about having some kind of album release show in Los Angeles within 24 hours. We were instantly at work, and were able to find the show at The El Rey, and secured tickets quickly (even though a lot of us hate ticketmaster. Man, thats its own blog).

I went ahead and bought the album at Amoeba and headed out for the night. No long lines to get in, but we didn’t show up until 10pm. Interestingly enough, our timing was perfect… it turns out that Erykah was out and about in the crowd, chilling and having a good time. Came and stood directly in front of me and a few of my friends. REALLY cool. Didn’t take long for people to ‘fishbowl’ her but she didn’t seem to mind… she just moved from spot to spot all night, and chilled out with her fans. It was pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, Erykah took the opportunity to show her latest visual art project to us  (I’m sure this was the film that was premiered at Damon Dash’s Art Gallery)… which was intriguing, to say the least… Erykah in full frontal in some kind of wonderland… It’s very hard to describe, to say the least. But there was the pretty amazing footage of Erykah on what looks to be the day “Window Seat” was filmed. Nice footage of her on a swing, different outfits on, planning out how she was going to drive and park at the spot… secretly studying the area before doing it to make sure there were no cops… then the actual play of the entire video. That was really interesting to watch as a whole.

From there, it took another hour for the show to pop off (I have to remember that Erykah likes to start late…), but it was definitely worth the wait. Amazing live band that immediately went into Erykah’s new material, she strolled on stage and took her place with ease. She breezed in and out of songs Like “20 Feet Tall,” “Me,” “The Healer,” “Undercover Overlover,”  “Yeyo,” and a kickass version of “On and On” “…and On” that I got on video for you. Yes I’m screaming all over it, get over it.

“On and On…” “…& On”
“The Healer”
Flippin off the haters on  “Outta of my Mind, Just in Time”

She also did an epic version of “Back in the Day (Puff)” where she blatently gave permission “to go ahead, break that green out and light that up.” You suddenly saw an Ozone Layer of smoke fill the El Rey thick as that second layer of Los Angeles smog. Incredibly awesome. She then closed out the show by letting us know that the El Rey was getting ready to kick us out (lol), and then going through each on of her tracks on the album, naming the producers of it and who played what on the song. Really, in all… just a great great night.

Although Erykah can sell out Greek and Gibson Theatres, shes at her best when she caters to and does small, intimate shows like this one. Songs seem to have a sense of being personal and directed to you, just for you in this kind of environment. In all, will go see her again. As long as the prices are reasonable. Its a recession. LoL.

It took 2 days to recover and post about this… but Enjoy.