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Kaki King updates for the Summer 2011s and stuffs.

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June 22, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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So Danny Brown signed with Fools Gold. Its about time.

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I was a little late, but I fell in love with Danny Brown after his verse on “Round of Applause,” a track from Black Milk’s Album of The Year (accurate album title alert).  So after my girl Katie and the homie House Shoes chewed me out a few weeks ago for not having all of Danny’s mixtapes and previous workings, they quickly got me caught up that is the epic glory that is Danny Brown. With an aggressive vocal style, ill lyrics and even better punch lines, It only took me listening to The Hybrid and Hot Soup a few times for me to realize that he is a part of The Truth and The Future. The Way and The Light.
So no sooner than I find this dude and fall in love with his flow and delivery do I find out that he signs up with Fools Gold for a distribution deal. And he sounds excited to be there. Quote Danny and Swipe from

So Danny Brown just stopped by the office and revealed to me that he is signing with Fools Gold Records.  To be honest I was a little surprised, but that is a great look for him.  Since Cudder they have been a little quite (in hip-hop, that “Barbra Streisand” joint is killing it), and the Donnis signing was a misstep in my opinion.  A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs are excellent and at bringing music to people who don’t merely concentrate on the genre of hip-hop, and I think that although Danny is on some rappity rap sh*t he has the capability to appeal to people with diverse tastes in music.  Plus as Danny just eloquently told me, “Fool’s Gold has the bitches”.

So the future is looking bright for this kid right here. Should be good times. Find the links and enjoy.

p.s. If my photos aren’t loading right… its a side effect of the whole archival and moving of the website thing. Work with me. 🙂


Update: Save VH1Soul, and the Comcast Situation.

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Hey everyone. Thank you for your patience. Let me just give you a brief background and update… I no longer intern with Viacom, although I still maintain all the connections I have there. So while I wont be able to get all the information first and whenever I feel like it, I still have great people there who will let me know how everything goes if anything changes. So again, forgive me for any delays… if you know me, you know there’s a lot of change going on career-wise with not just me, but a lot of the interns. Just work with us.

So let’s get into VH1Soul and its dropping out of smaller markets for Comcast users. At this point, We have isolated the issue to Oakland/San Fran, Denver, Minneapolis and possibly Nashville. While we still have people in Nashville who say they are not having any issues receiving service, we can confirm that service to Oakland/San Fran, Denver, Minneapolis  was cut NOT BY VIACOM… but by Comcast itself; citing that these were “smaller markets” who did not have “the demographic to making the cost of carrying the channel viable.” AKA: Those areas, for them, do not hold enough black people/people who like soul music to justify paying Viacom to run the channel. So they dropped it.  Be clear… This is a COMCAST desicion, not a Viacom desicion.
Now while we have put in our own appeals to Comcast to bring the channel back, we don’t know how effective or realistic this is, and what our chances are for actually getting this reinstalled. We are currently waiting from any word from Comcast Corporate on what their final decision is, and what they will do.

As for an update on the overall situation with VH1Soul, We do know that currently things are at a stalemate, and there has been no further discussion on canceling VH1Soul (there have been some legal issues, along with pressure from the fanbase to not cancel the channel that they are actually paying attention to). While they’ve halted with the process of taking out the channel, and falling back on the “no news is good news” theory, we still worry that they will make sudden changes and take the channel out without us even knowing (anyone remember VH1Rock? yeah.).  As usual, there are tons of great people there who are listening and waiting for any kind of news… and if there is any progress being made, we will let you know. But as of right now, the cancellation is at a stalemate, and we are waiting to see what the next move is. The next step is to wait for late september/early october when the new quarter starts, and we get word on the channel will still be around for that quarter. If they hear anything… we will let you know

Thank you for your continued support and love. Keep spreading the word, making the amazing blog posts, and in some cases… directly calling the studio and asking for answers (we see you guys). Your efforts are seen… and appreciated.

Dont forget to sign the petition…


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August 20, 2010 at 2:19 pm