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April 29, 1992.

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April 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk. ©Trace Adkins

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No. Really.

You knew I was getting a picture of this.

Upon seeing this on a Country Music Compilation Album commercial on CMT (I was watching World’s Strictest Parents), I had to investigate more and see if this song actually happened. Surprisingly enough, it did. Over a year ago.  And it’s not a horrible song. Heavily Hip Hop Influenced, but done country-style, It’s actually filled with decent Folk Rock grooves and musical LOLs for all.

Since YouTube continues to be Video Nazis, You can click here to watch the original video or check the lyric one by clicking here. After you’re done with that one, check the original version by clicking here.

LOL. I’m mad this song is at least a year old, and I’m just now finding it.
Country Music is Awesome.


So MTVJams asked what my favorite verse of the year was. That goes to Luca Brazi. Link:

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Wow. Thats a win.

Dear Children. This is what you call “Real Hip Hop.”

So in my daily search for something new, I ran across the bandcamp of one ‘Skipp Coon and Mister Nick,’ and what appears to be their awesome tag team of beat making and hip hopping together to make some fairly awesome music with a very valid message right now. Amongst the several great tracks they have available was the overwhelmingly amazing track “4.28.1967 Part 2” (if theres a part one, let me hear THAT too), featuring David Banner and a special new talent that caught my ear instantly… named Luca Brazi.

So if you know me, you know I love Hip Hop that has something worthwhile to say. And this is a perfect example of that kind of Hip Hop. Lets start with the title date of this track, which is a direct reference to the date that Muhammad Ali refused his “obligated” military service as a conscientious objector, and Muslim man. So that should basically give you an ideal of what they are aiming for on this song. Then here comes Brazi, hailing from North Carolina, to end this Hip Hop-with-a-dark-country-feel track with one of the well delivered, most “keep it real” verses I’ve heard all year. So dope that in fact, I’m about to take time out of my life to write down what this dude just said  because you need to hear/read it.

Listen here:

Then read, if you didn’t get the awesome the first time.

See, they don’t wanna listen, so louds what I gotta be…
Because my people are proud of the Poverty.
They got they sons shooting guns over dollar bills,
He gettin money slow & steady, but his daughter still reads at a first grade level.
And she 11 years old with her nose held high to the sky because she got her first purse made
Yes, on her birthday, she was singing “Birthday Sex.”

So lets skim over whats showin in Plain Sight
Lookin the other way but knowin it ain’t right.
Like over 50 shots (??) now Sean Bell gone,
Or a flash bang thrown in a little girls home….
Aiyana Jones. Who? Aiyana Jones.
One shot to the dome she was 7 years old.
It’s a shame. Imagine, being daddy one day to putting your baby girl in a grave.

Something need to CHANGE. This aint a game.
If you playin to the man you’ll be slaving til the day you layin face up in a casket
with credit card sharks still askin if they can put your name on some plastic.

Man, its  a war going on outside no one is safe from.
Heavy is the dark… A spark, Ima create one.
Because a little light might be enough make some strength from the ways of the slave.
The pain of the hunger is enough to make a sane man put it to your brain for some money and a chain.
And i’ont really blame ’em, because if you’re in the game screaming “Money aint a Thang,” you resemble a filet. (??)
Alotta people sayin that I’m preachin til the death.
Man give that shit a rest. I’m goin til the BREATH.
While they in it for the Checks(??)
I’m in it because I wanna be remembered as a VET.
Luc Brazi.

So yeah. Even with my ragged shorthand of his lyrics, you should get an ideal of what this dude is about, and what he’s aiming for. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to go digging for more like I did. Lemme help you out.  Heres the link to his twitter, heres the link to his facebook, heres his youtube with stuff on there for you to listen to and heres the reverb nation link with additional music.

Please children. Remember to listen to REAL Hip Hop.