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The Cool Kids drop some newness to support "When Fish Ride Bicycles;" Dropping July 12th. Links:

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I didnt know that The Cool Kids had a date on their new album. Or that its dropping like, next week. LoL.
Swipe from the kids over at Potholes. Because they’re awesome and I’m lazy.

The Cool Kids are back promoting their July 12 release, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish look to come together on an 11 track, playground four square battle, chock-full of cherry bombs and Pharrell beats. For now the duo swirly the N.E.R.D.’s production, “Summer Jam”, featuring Star Trak soul-singer Maxine Ashley. It follows the summer track formula: catchy drum pattern, stabbing guitar and smooth e-piano. It’s a glass of icy lemonade at 100 degrees outside with Neptunes flavor. “Gas Station”, has a Southern a la Outkast, Killer Mike, and Dungeon Family feeling. The track helps itself by adding UGK’s Bun B to the mix. Both songs are easy listening, cool kid, summer anthems. Stay chill in the heat by listening to these tracks. [via]

Hit the skip to stream the tracks.


Teedra Moses just dropped some free mixtape fire – Luxurious Undergrind. Link and Download:

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When Rick Ross reached out to and signed the overly talented Teedra Moses to his ever expanding Maybach Music Label, I was cautiously excited to see where it went… and how long it was going to take to get some new music out of her. Impressive to say the least, Teedra drops an impressive EP within a few weeks of signing. Great sign of her getting down to work, After downloading and thoroughly investigating said EP/Mixtape, I can basically guarantee that its worth your time. Click here to catch the download, and enjoy.


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July 6, 2011 at 8:00 am

Shaun Boothe returns with more hits. Link:

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So remember how I geeked out over that Shaun Boothe record that used that awesome sample from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody? Well he’s returned (not that he ever left) with some new freshness for you to enjoy. “Do It For You,” his newest track hitting the internets is a uplifting dedication from Shaun to the art of Hip Hop and Music in general (“they say theres no money in music/so you should KNOW I do it for you”). You can check out the song and a short video with him taking you through the heart of his native Canadas by checking the YouTubes and stream/download the song by clicking here.

Find more music from Shaun on his YouTube page… and enjoy.

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July 5, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Please pay attention to @TheKidDaytona and Styles P BEASTING on this "Lifted" Track. PLEASE.

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I love The Kid Daytona. If you missed my first music video appreciation post, go back and watch it now. Certified and official; Your boy just might be The Truth and The Future. Finding a way to break into my usual rotation of Dee-1, Stalley, and the usual Nas and Damian Marley love, I am absolutely ENTHRALLED with this dudes entire style right now. Straight off his new “The Interlude” LP and featuring Styles P (who just keeps getting iller), its drenched in gloriously thick,  boombappy wonderousness, lightly sprinkled with beautiful piano riffs and chords in the background, and horn section that leaves you feeling like you’re on a cloud, this is simply a wonderfully orchestrated song dedicated to the appreciation of engaging in the smoking and inhaling of herbal substances; possibly NOT for medicinal purposes.

If that didnt convince you, then 1. Oh boy. 2. I need you… as a Tribe Called Quest fan. Please. Listen to Contemplation. He did what I’ve been wanting to do my whole life… rap over A Tribe Called Quest’s “For Moms.” OMG. 3. Listen to Learn; my new current theme song.

But then again, you could just go download the whole mixtape and do yourself some good.

Find the links, and enjoy.

Common + No I.D. + New Music = "Summer Madness." Listen:

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Finally, one of my Top 5 rappers releases a record that I am satisfied with, leaving me curious for more.
Please, let there be more.

[haiku url=”″ title=”Common & No I.D. - Summer Madness“]

Click here to download, tell me what you think, spread the word.

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June 22, 2011 at 10:55 am

That Nas leak from the new "Life Is Good" Album… it definitely does NOT suck.

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Again… short sweet and to the point. When I got done running errands, doing some work on the internets and cooking dinner, It looks like Nas (or someone) leaked a brand new track (possibly the lead single, wouldn’t be mad) to the internets for us to review. And I have to tell you… this does NOT suck in the least. Not at all. As in, I’m geeked to see what else this dude comes out with. Nas is back to “Nasty.”

With a HEAVY 80s influence, dope break beats, and everything that ever made me happy as a kid growing up in hip hop, Nasty Nas is basically letting you know hes back. And its GREAT times.

Since Haiku player is acting a bit funny right now… just go ahead and listen/download the link by clicking here. And spread the word. This is nice.
*Update: Or just use the player I got going for you right here.


New Cut Chemist Album is Pretty Dope. Preview it now on KCRW.

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Smelling The Vinyl. The sign of a TRUE Music Nerd.

Cut Chemist, Master of Turntablism and professional Music Manipulator has returned to the booth to drop yet another beautiful mix of music on us. On the new “Sound Of The Police,” Chemist once again takes his craft to another level, only using ONE turntable to mix, a looping pedal and his legendary collection of vinyl, focusing on Afro-Beat and Brazilian music. The Result? One of the best mixes I’ve heard since DJ Jazzy Jeff’s recent Summertime Mixtape glory moments. Like his previous team ups with DJ Shadow, this looks like it will be a limited release, so  you need to get over to amazon HERE, and pre-order it.


If you want to check the album out in full, you know KCRW is taking care of you. You can click HERE to go to KCRW’s info page on Cut Chemist, or you can click THIS link that will take you directly to the media player that has the entire new album on it for your previewing pleasure.


So I found Erykah Badu's (Erica Wright's) Demo Album from 1996. You know I got links.

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I got that old school.

So while rummaging and cleaning out the digital music collection, I came across an absolute winner that I was pretty sure I had lost a long time ago. A friend of mine, the same man who helped produce this album, sent me Erykah Badu’s earliest recorded work he had available… back when she was still known as Erica Wright and still trying to be signed to a major. It’s a great compilation of Erica/Erykah’s best vocal efforts at the time, where you can see the direction she was going in even back then with Intros and Outros, Part 1 and Part 2’s…… and dance remixes of her demo songs, just so you get a taste of what her and her producers were into at the time.


Enough typing from me though, just tell me what you think.




Appreciation: Simply Red – Holding Back The Years

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Sound: Good ol’ quality 80’s pop.
Album: Picture Book (1984)

At the dawn of my music nerdery, this song is one of the first things I clearly remember. One of the first times I told my mother to ‘turn the radio up….’ one of the first songs I remember wanting to know the name of, so that I could keep it with me. It ended up being one of the first albums I ever bought, just for this one song (back before that thing called downloading). And I’m still not too sure why this song stuck with me the way it did.

Could be that its drenched in a melancholy melody (thats haunted me my entire piano career). Or the heart wrenching story delving into a childhood longed for, but never obtained… and dealing with that reality the best way you can. This song has somehow remained timeless and relevant, although the hairstyles and clothes didn’t.

You love and want this song. If you don’t, go away. LoL