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Brand New Random Axe Single – "Random Call." Soundcloud Link:

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Hot Fiyah.

Fuckin love it. And I get to be first for once.
Black Milk on the beats, Guilty Simpson and Sean Price of the legendary Heltah Skeltah.
How are we losing right now? We are not.
Sent to me by Hexmurda, the head of all #Pandas… “Random Call” is the newest single from the Random Axe crew, and I cant wait for more already, dammit.
Due date is June 14th. Check it out with your friends and peoples, and spread the link.

Did we discuss the new Random Axe Video for "The Hex?" Because thats out now. Links:

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Set for a June 14th release, the combination of Black Milk + Sean Price + Guilty Simpson = Random Axe; which could be the most kick ass thing to happen to Hip Hop in a while. Also, could be the most randomly awesome mix-up of people since the surprise of Hail Mary Mallon. Plus, if I don’t tell you about this, it would be an injustice to music, and Hexmurda would hunt me down and hate on me to my face.