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I want to be like Jeremy Ellis when I grow up. You dont EVEN understand right now.

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Very few people outright inspire me to go out, buy equipment I know nothing about, and play around with making beats on Maschines that I wouldn’t even understand how to use. Adding himself to that small list of people who make me want to be a better musician/person is Detroit born and 808 raised Jeremy Ellis, one of the most suprisingly illest beatmakers to pop up lately. Not only are his skills on the MPC incredible, he also does amazing things on a piano system I have yet to place a name to (but DJ Jedi showed me the other week at Turntable Lab LA and you can see below in his Dilla tribute) and gives you lessons on how to become fairly awesome at it yourself.

If you dont believe me, you can watch him do his thing below.

…and I can’t believe someone got my very first introduction to his skills on tape. An AMAZING Dilla tribute he did in Chinatown a few months back. Glorious. Thanks, guy who got this on tape. You’re amazing.

From there, his website is here, his twitter is here, and let this dude get back into Los Angeles. I’m taking the camera. It will be glorious.
You watch and try to learn something new.