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Kaki King and Mike Einziger of Incubus: The 9:30 Club; Washinton DC – 4.29.2010. Video:

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oh man.

It's like every little nerdy dream I ever had is coming true.

Hey people.

Well, if you didn’t make it to Kaki’s 9:30 show… looks like you missed out. Guitarist Extraordinaire and longtime KakiNerd Mike Einziger of Incubus fame took some time out of his busy schedule to come through and bless Kaki with an appearance at her show. Introduced to Kaki through his band mate Ben Kenney, Mike has been a fan ever since. As you already know… sh*t went down, and it was filled with hard rockin, shoe gazing, carpel tunnel syndrome causing guitar WONDER. We got really lucky and had a friend, @wojo4hitz take care of the video part of things for you… she got amazing footage of this epic win for us. Thanks for that, girlie.

You can go through @hammycammy’s flickr set of photos here, or you witness the win for yourself below:

Mike comes on in:

Doing the Wrong Thing/My Nerves Commited SuicideĀ  (Great Version):

Gouge Both Your Eyes (But Only Eat One):

Pull Me Out Alive

A choppy, yet somehow still cool Lintoria

Communist Friends with a funny little intro:

Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers:

…and Kaki addresses the Rumor Mill….

And proceed to geek out, much like I did.

Have fun.

And thanks Mike!!!