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Stalley: Live in Los Angeles – 7.6.2011. Links and Photo:

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Finally making my dreams come true, Stalley brings his music and talents to the Southern California area with a show at The Terrace around the corner in Pasadena. Usually the ill sushi lunch spot, Terrace transforms into a pretty dope music spot once in a while after dark. And this looks like it should be fun. Maybe I can get him to do “Milk and Honey” Live for me and ask him about that evil comment about the Lakers and their fans. LMAO.

You can check out all my previous nerdery regarding Stalley by clicking here… and hopefully I’ll see you at the show.

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June 30, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Mary Mary consistently make hits in the name of the Lord. I have no negative qualms with this.

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I'm walking too!

I love Mary Mary. I have for a while. They are greatness. Shoutout to Yolanda Adams, by the way.
So why cant the sacred mix with the secular and party in the name of the Lord? Imagine all the youth that would find love in the lord as a result of music that was universal to everyone. As long as his name is glorified and respected at all times, I have absolutely negative qualms with this.

Then again, I’m not Christian. So yeah, I understand. But songs like Mary Mary’s “I’m Walking” in all of its inspirational glory in the name of the Lord… is the stuff that makes me wish I was.

Encouraging and uplifting music that reminds you that God is Good.
I think thats awesome.

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June 16, 2011 at 10:26 pm

Make Music Pasadena looks like its gonna be FUN, Really.

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Yeah. Its Free. Im Going.

So this is set up to be awesome. And another reason why I love Pasadena, and whatever city youre living in sucks.
Make Music Festival. All throughout Pasadena from Pasadena Blvd and Colorado down to South Lake and Colorado. Over 20 different bands doing shows at several different spots in Pasadena all throughout the entire day. You basically get to walk around the glory that is Downtown and Old Town Pasadena, shop around a bit, and listen to some great music as you enjoy your day.

Now when its free, you would think that the line up would be lacking a bit…. but its not. With headliners Ra Ra Riot and Best Coast stoping through for the indie win, along with Anthony Valadez and Jason Bentley around for the DJ wins… this will not be a sucky time. Click here for more info while I list the bands below:


Indie Rock Stage

presented by Wells Fargo

1 East Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105


Map It

1:00pm La Sera
2:00pm Saint Motel presented by Crown City Studios
3:00pm The Morning Benders
4:15pm NewVillager
5:00pm Best Coast
6:15pm Ra Ra Riot
7:30pm KCRW DJ Jason Bentley

The Luckman “World Music” Stage

16 S. El Molino Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

12:00pm Vital Group
1:00pm La Santa Cecilia
2:00pm Carla Morrison
3:00pm Hello Seahorse!
4:00pm Ben L’Oncle Soul
presented by Consulate General of France in Los Angeles
5:15pm Tita Lima
presented by Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles
DJ Sets by KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez

One Colorado Emerging Artists Stage

41 Hugus Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

1:00pm Interactive music installation 

presented by Bird+Moon

8:00pm Jenny O
9:00pm Kisses
10:00pm Zola Jesus
DJ Sets by El Dopa

Levitt Pavilion Afro Beat and Reggae Stage

85 E. Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

6:00pm DJ Glenn Red
6:30pm BA African Band
7:10pm KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad
7:35pm Rocky Dawuni
8:30pm Djs Garth Trinidad & Glenn Red

Majestical Roof Stage

presented by Downtown Music Project

88 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

11:00am The Six Shooters
12:00pm Blind Pony
1:00pm Ketchup Soup
2:00pm The Downtown Train
3:15pm Garland Band
4:15pm Brutus Gets the Girl
5:15pm The Bixby Knolls
6:15pm The Lonely Wild
7:15pm Tommy Santee Klaws
8:30pm Seasons
9:45pm The New Limb
11:00pm Robotanists

Vroman’s “Jazz” Stage

695 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

1:00pm Culture Gap 

presented by Musicians Institute

2:30pm FARO
4:00pm Jamila Ford
5:30pm L.A. Music Academy
7:00pm Donovan/Muradian Quintet

Pasadena Central Library

Donald R. Wright Auditorium Many Strings

285 E. Walnut, Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

11:00am Susie Glaze and Hilonesome
11:45am Gregg Miner
12:15pm Harp Guitar music with Greg Miner

The Shops on Lake Avenue Courtyard

345 S. Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

12:00pm Rock Bottom Betty
1:00pm Cherry Bluestorms
2:00pm Jessica Fichot
3:00pm Dustbowl Revival
4:00pm Tijuana Panthers
5:00pm B Side Players

The Acoustic Stage at The Armory

145 N. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

12:00pm Caution E
1:00pm David Vidal
2:00pm Sista Jean & CB
3:00pm The Wicked Saints
4:00pm The Sheep

Paseo Colorado

280 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

10:00am-2:00pm Lookin’ for Trouble
3:00-7:00pm Café Fuego

First United Methodist Church
of Pasadena

500 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

2:00pm FUMC Dulcet Singers
3:00pm Chuck Saint and Friends

T.Boyle’s Tavern

37 N. Catalina Ave. Pasadena, CA 91106


Map It

9:00pm I See Hawks in L.A.

El Portal Restaurant

695 E. Green St. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

6:30pm Duet Alanniz

Elements Kitchen

37 S. El Molino Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

8:00pm Quentin Dennard and Ray Johnson (Jazz)

Mercantile Alley

18 S. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

2:00pm Alison Standish
3:00pm Eliza Rickman
4:00pm LAMA  

presented by LA Music Academy

5:00pm Public Jones
6:00pm Portraits  

presented by LA Music Academy

7:00pm Scarlett Paradigm

Pasadena Convention and Visitor’s Center

300 Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

11:00am Suddyn
12:00pm Kanvaz 

presented by Musicians Institute

1:00pm DJ sets from Edwin Carrillo and Funkygraffish
2:00pm Elaine Faye  

presented by Musicians Institute

3:00pm Socorro

Pasadena ARTS Bus, Route 10

303 N Allen, Pasadena, CA 91107


Map It

2:00pm Danny Bobbe of LA Font
3:00pm Ipo Pharr

Lineage Performing Arts Center

89 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena 91105


Map It

8:00pm Michelle Macedo
8:30pm Michelle Bloom
9:00pm Michelle Macedo
9:30pm Michelle Bloom

DJ Sets on Colorado Blvd.

65 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105


Map It

12:00pm StomachPunch
2:00pm Midnight Surfer
4:00pm Dan Collins
6:00pm DJ Santi

The Alliance Française Stage

Sponsored by the Luckman Fine art Complex and the Consulate General of France
34 E. Union St. Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

4:00pm The Four Fathers
5:00pm Salt Petal
6:00pm Penelope Fortier
7:00pm Nick Ariondo
8:00pm Paris loves LA

The Church of Scientology of Pasadena

35 S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena CA 91105


Map It

5:00pm Shelby, Tieg & Tara

Classical Music on the
Steps of City Hall

Presented by Saturday Conservatory of Music 100 N. Garfield Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

11:00am Youth & Junior Choirs
11:15am Youth Symphony West
11:30am Brass Ensemble
11:45am 10:30 Orchestra
12:00pm String Quartet
12:15pm New Age Orchestras
12:30pm 9:30 Orchestra
12:45pm 8:30 Orchestra

Pasadena Museum of History

470 W. Walnut St. Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

3:00pm Border Radio

Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar

33 E. Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91103


Map It

7:00pm The Soul of John Black
9:00pm The Driftwood Singers

35ER Bar

12 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105


Map It

1:00pm DJ Roco Horror
1:45pm Cigarette Bums
3:45pm Rituals
5:45pm New Division
8:00pm Hexham Heads
9:45pm Darin Bennet and the Requiem  

Pasadena Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

585 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101


Map It

11:00am Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
Concert Choir Touring Ensemble



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June 15, 2011 at 9:23 pm

That Nas leak from the new "Life Is Good" Album… it definitely does NOT suck.

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Again… short sweet and to the point. When I got done running errands, doing some work on the internets and cooking dinner, It looks like Nas (or someone) leaked a brand new track (possibly the lead single, wouldn’t be mad) to the internets for us to review. And I have to tell you… this does NOT suck in the least. Not at all. As in, I’m geeked to see what else this dude comes out with. Nas is back to “Nasty.”

With a HEAVY 80s influence, dope break beats, and everything that ever made me happy as a kid growing up in hip hop, Nasty Nas is basically letting you know hes back. And its GREAT times.

Since Haiku player is acting a bit funny right now… just go ahead and listen/download the link by clicking here. And spread the word. This is nice.
*Update: Or just use the player I got going for you right here.


Karmin Music + @Questlove & Owen = Epic @NickiMinaj "Super Bass" Cover. YouTube Link:

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Karmin Music just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
Watch what happens when you combine The Legendary Roots crew with the adorable @KarminMusic.
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You need to listen to Quadron right fast. Links:

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Quick post, but an awesome post.

Ambient, soulful, electronic, fairly kickass. After seeing Quadron mentioned in my timeline a few days ago by some great friends, I was quickly reminded of how amazing Quadron is, and how I have not yet made a post to appreciate that awesome. A Denmark Duo, these kids have been churning out jams for the better part of the last two years. And if they can keep sounding like this, I will keep acting like I care.

Ima go listen to this for a while. You guys tell me what you think. And its real easy with disqus down there now. lol.

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May 31, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Elzhi's "Elmatic" is Fairly Awesome.

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Here. Shut Up Kianga. 🙂

You should already know, but if I don’t tell you this or post it up, Kianga will disown me. Like I told you she would here. Basically, built around Nas’ certified Hip Hop classic “Illmatic,” Elzhi sonically demonstrates why he is the best thing to come out of whats LEFT of Slum Village.

Click here to get it from XXL and whatnot.


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May 23, 2011 at 4:06 pm