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Black Thought spits over Kid Daytona's "On The Hill." This made me happy inside.

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Good Times.

Meant to post this a little while back with The Roots at The Playboy Jazz Festival joints, but I’ve been real busy with work and helping friends pack. But I definitely wanna get this up for you to see. Along with Black Thought doing a little of “Walk Alone” for us to see, He also was ill enough to freestyle over that new Kid Daytona “On The Hill” that everyone knows I love. Go ahead and check the footage below.


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June 21, 2011 at 8:36 am

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots. (Video:)

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Taken from My Potholes, it appears as if two very smart people (Cam Be; Jeff Baraka) managed to get a Camera Backstage at critically awesome times in Live Roots Show History. The movie short you see below is the end result. You should watch it right quick while I finish some more writings.

Lord Jebus of Great Reviews, help me break this evil Writers Block that does not alloweth me to properly scribe on the epic events that transpiredth on the evening of The Yearly Roots Grammy Jam, so that my friends may enjoy the glory. Aaaaahmen.

(no blaspheme-o.)