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Beyonce Steals Everything. Dammit People.

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I usually dont make these types of posts, but I’m tired of (some of) you acting like this girl is the second coming of Michael Jackson when shes just the third coming of a xerox machine.
This shit is getting old; was waiting for someone to put these two things together.

How do you think people don’t see this shit? Or NOT know who Lorella Cuccarini is? Come on.

Lets not get into the stolen Kylie Minogue routine…

That was while Kylie was fighting Breast Cancer, by the way.

Or how she blatantly stole “Kissing You” from Desiree (and the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack) even after Desiree was nice enough to tell Beyonce to not cover her song. Then Des’ree was nice enough to let her cover the song with certain conditions. But she did what she wanted to anyways. Then tried to name it something different and hide it on her special edition DVD. Malice and forethought in wonderland.

Along with a long list of other stolen or copyright infringed things. Shes BEEN doing this, its BEEN old. And its not her Daddy anymore.
Can we just stop with her, please? For a while. Seriously. Theres real talent out there that deserves the attention more.
That is all.