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Karmin Music + @Questlove & Owen = Epic @NickiMinaj "Super Bass" Cover. YouTube Link:

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Karmin Music just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
Watch what happens when you combine The Legendary Roots crew with the adorable @KarminMusic.
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Oh My God. Stop what your doing. This new @TanyaMorgan is HUGE. Links:

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Not mad at the kids hoppin on some new beats. Nice, big, huge beats that make them sound even more special than what they normally are.
Swipe from The Kids on Twitter and Okayplayer:

Here goes the OKP premiere of some new new from Tanya Morgan “Without Hands” (not to be confused with that strip club anthem) featuring Che Grand, King Mez, and Skyzoo. This Veterano produced track is off the upcoming full-length release, The Official SXSW Mixtape. The tape is a collection of songs that were recorded on site (Unique Squared Mobile Studio) at this past March’s SXSW Festival. But back to the song at hand, scratches were provided by DJ Presyce, and the track was mixed by Fokis. As he’s known to do, Skyzoo goes off on that last verse. The Official SXSW Mixtape is set to drop May 31st via DJ Booth.

[haiku url=”″ title=Tanya Morgan – Without Hands: Produced by Veterano”]


Spread the word; this is glorious.

Brand New Random Axe Single – "Random Call." Soundcloud Link:

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Hot Fiyah.

Fuckin love it. And I get to be first for once.
Black Milk on the beats, Guilty Simpson and Sean Price of the legendary Heltah Skeltah.
How are we losing right now? We are not.
Sent to me by Hexmurda, the head of all #Pandas… “Random Call” is the newest single from the Random Axe crew, and I cant wait for more already, dammit.
Due date is June 14th. Check it out with your friends and peoples, and spread the link.

You know that awesome song in that New Honda CRV Commercial? It's Mr. Little Jeans – "Rescue Song (RAC Remix)." Links:

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Yeah. Not what I was expecting either. Wow.

This one I actually had to look up. Did it two weeks ago, but were just now catching up with my own musically overactive brain. Thought I should take the time to post it up here and now before I forgot what it was again. Popping up in the Honda CRV “Forecast” Commercial, I figured I could take the time to find out what it was so I can replay the sh*t out of it at any given time. Songs name? “The Rescue Song.” And its Mr. Little Jean. And yeah. Not a guy. Shes a rather beautiful lady with beautiful electronica/trance/synth 808-laced composed song that has my attention at the moment. I’m glad I looked her up. Finding her Soundcloud page was an victory of gigantic proprotions, discovering awesome remakes of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” all over her page. Along with other awesomeness. I’m a fan, hope she keeps it up. Rescue Song (RAC Remix) by Mr Little Jeans


You know that awesome song in that Heineken Commercial? It's Asteroid Galaxy Tour: 'The Golden Age.'

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Asked by a friend to identify this song, I was surprised (and somewhat impressed) I was actually able to. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 18, 2011 at 5:55 am

Did we talk about the Big Boi and Modest Mouse Collaboration? Because its actually happening.

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So after hearing the rumor of this odd yet amazing combination happening for a while, and silently waiting for some kind of confirmation… it finally comes through via the wonders of Big Boi’s Twitter and Twitpic. Then Pitchfork came through with the confirmation. Swipe from them, because I really don’t feel like typing all this sh*t out right now:

Last week, OutKast MC Big Boi revealed on his Twitter that he’s been in the studio with Modest Mouse, working on new music. To put things lightly, the news took a whole lot of us by surprise. MTV recently spoke with Big Boi about the collab and filled in a few blanks, though we still have no idea how this collaboration might sound or when we’ll get to hear it. According to the man himself, he’s serving as a producer on Modest Mouse’s new album, as is frequent OutKast collaborator Chris Carmouche. Thus far, Big Boi hasn’t done any rapping for the band. The crew has been working together at Big Boi’s own Atlanta studio, Stankonia. Talking to MTV, Big Boi described the collaboration in terms that only he could use: “I’ve been a fan of the band for a minute… We’re all musicians and producers and artists, and it’s just like a big-ass brainstorm, a brain-stormin’, tsunami, typhoon, tectonic-plates-movin’ kind of thing. We do all types of music, so to get the chance to jam with a jammin’-ass band, I knew it was going to be cool. We had a vibe too. We made a couple of records that are just jamming. It’s a hodgepodge of funkiness.” Modest Mouse has been a highly successful, critically acclaimed band for about a decade and a half now, but this still might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about them.

I don’t want to overhype things, because when you get really excited for albums, they can sometimes leave you disappointed. But I will say that my brain exploded from reading the music awesomeness that is occurring somewhere out in this universe.

As things develop and music is released…. I will find a way to get it to you.

Stay tuned.

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May 14, 2011 at 1:16 pm

April 29, 1992.

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April 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm