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The African Intro Song to "Coming To America" | The Ladysmith Black Mambazo (International | African) Appreciation Post.

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I’ve used up all of my words. ©…
They did the African Alphabet on Sesame Street.
Just hush up and listen.

Intro to “Coming To America” for the WIN

Right around the time they were featured on Paul Simon’s “Graceland”

How Long?

If you have kids, and they havent seen this, step your parenting game up.

…and its original…

2003 Mambazo…

and them being awesome at the 2010 Fifa Cup.

Nice saturday music if you ask me.
Have fun.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo + Sesame Street = The most beautiful singing of any Alphabet you've ever heard.

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Dammit, I need to get to Africa.

So I’m a hardcore Sesame Street nerd. And were talking about 70’s and 80’s Sesame Street… when Kermit, Cookie Monster and (Super!) Grover ruled the show. Why? Because those are the times where you get a lot of beautiful musical performances from High Quality musicians and artists…. Like the Pointer Sisters counting to twelve for you. Another one of those is the Legendary Performance that African Choir Ladysmith Black Mambazo gave when singing the Alphabet in traditional isicathamiya and mbube format.

Already 40 years in the game, Ladysmith Black Mambazo was founded by Joseph Shabalala in 1960 in South Africa. After rising to prominence in their homeland, their reach began to spread when Paul Simon had them on his album “Graceland.” From there, the group has traveled and toured the world sharing their craft, and becoming cultural ambassadors for their music and their country.

But enough chatting from me. Seriously. Just watch this 1988 performance by one of the greatest choirs of all time. Enjoy the throwback awesome that is this video. And then check out the cool cameo by Kermit.

Yeah, its adorable that every word Kermit sings something that coincides with the letters in the alphabet. But what is he saying? Oh you know I got you.

Amazingly Beautiful Creatures Dancing Excites the Forest Glade, in my Heart how I do Jump like the Kudo Listen to the Music so Nice the Organ Plays. Quietly Rests the Sleepy Tiger Under the Vine tree at the Waters side and X marks the place ‘neath the Yellow moon where the Zulu king and I did hide.”

The original version, featuring Paul Simon is below.

Enjoy the throwback, and have fun.

Appreciation: D'Angelo – Africa.

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It's the hardest Sheet Music I've had to play, surprisingly.

Sound: Classic Soul.
Album: Voodoo (2000).

The acoustic version is currently a Piano Project im working on and hope to have completed within the next 4 to 6 months. Yes. That long. Because I’m a perfectionist. And this song deserves perfection.


I was digging for characterizing and distinctive reasons as to why you need this song in your life, until I ran across the perfect description attached to the youtube video below:
“The closing track on Voodoo, D composed a most hypnotizing and profound song: a dedication to his son, an homage to his heritage, and a Shakespearean-like metaphor for the continuation of beauty and timelessness through his seed.” –tg343441

flawless execution. lol.

My take? Rich with piano chords and thick, bassy drums that speak to the depths of your soul, there honestly is no other song that perfectly captures the hopes, dreams, history and basic overall sociology of the african american.

If you want the Piano Sheet Music, just click here.
And tell me how to get through that intro chord progression in E when you do it.

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January 1, 2010 at 5:12 pm