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Kaki King and Ali Shaheed Muhammad in the Studio.

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YAY! I can finally acknowledge the fact that this is actually happening!
Its even cooler because Ali and I share the same birthdate. And obviously, taste in music. Read the rest of this entry »

Short Brown Wigs + Stripper Poles = Shakira going hard in this new video with Pitbull. Link:

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Well Gatdamn.

For me, its just nice to hear the chick singing in spanish again after this time. So all this twerking on the pole, while glorious (No Lesbo), is unnecesary. Regardless, I love Shakira. Especially old school, singing in spanish Shakira. So what is this? Her 9011th album at this point? Jebus. And shes still popular and relevant. I admittedly lost track after her “Ojos Asi” Unplugged album, but always kept an ear out for her since she could always sing the hell outta a pop tune. Good for her.

Teaming up with Pitbull and getting her full out latin influence on… I actually like this song. Both her singles from her “Sale el Sol” album actually have not sucked at all. So thats always nice.
Watch below, and enjoy.

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June 25, 2011 at 10:28 pm

My buddy Kenny Keil made it into Mad Magazine. Greatness.

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Kenny Keil makes you LOL.

Kenny Keil makes you LOL.

So remember a few months back when I featured my friend Kenny Keil’s Hip Hop Comic Book Covers in a post that I did (click here if you dont remember)? Then remember when I sat him down for an awesome interview to find out more about his awesome? Well… it gets even better. Kenny has finally made it to the big time, having his well drawn, LoL-filled comics featured in the LEGENDARY Mad Madagize (Issue #509). How awesome is this? I bought two copies just because I’m a nerd like that.

Hopefullly I’ll have some more time to sit with Kenny in the future and figure out how all this amazing happened to him. Hopefully he’ll still have time for me now with all this famousness going on. Until then, check out the photo (you knew I had to get one) and enjoy. 🙂

Congrats Kenny. I always knew you were awesome.

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June 5, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Its Official: Coachella Introduces their First Double Weekend Event. Links and Photo:

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May 31, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Beyonce Steals Everything. Dammit People.

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I usually dont make these types of posts, but I’m tired of (some of) you acting like this girl is the second coming of Michael Jackson when shes just the third coming of a xerox machine.
This shit is getting old; was waiting for someone to put these two things together.

How do you think people don’t see this shit? Or NOT know who Lorella Cuccarini is? Come on.

Lets not get into the stolen Kylie Minogue routine…

That was while Kylie was fighting Breast Cancer, by the way.

Or how she blatantly stole “Kissing You” from Desiree (and the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack) even after Desiree was nice enough to tell Beyonce to not cover her song. Then Des’ree was nice enough to let her cover the song with certain conditions. But she did what she wanted to anyways. Then tried to name it something different and hide it on her special edition DVD. Malice and forethought in wonderland.

Along with a long list of other stolen or copyright infringed things. Shes BEEN doing this, its BEEN old. And its not her Daddy anymore.
Can we just stop with her, please? For a while. Seriously. Theres real talent out there that deserves the attention more.
That is all.

I want to be like Jeremy Ellis when I grow up. You dont EVEN understand right now.

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Very few people outright inspire me to go out, buy equipment I know nothing about, and play around with making beats on Maschines that I wouldn’t even understand how to use. Adding himself to that small list of people who make me want to be a better musician/person is Detroit born and 808 raised Jeremy Ellis, one of the most suprisingly illest beatmakers to pop up lately. Not only are his skills on the MPC incredible, he also does amazing things on a piano system I have yet to place a name to (but DJ Jedi showed me the other week at Turntable Lab LA and you can see below in his Dilla tribute) and gives you lessons on how to become fairly awesome at it yourself.

If you dont believe me, you can watch him do his thing below.

…and I can’t believe someone got my very first introduction to his skills on tape. An AMAZING Dilla tribute he did in Chinatown a few months back. Glorious. Thanks, guy who got this on tape. You’re amazing.

From there, his website is here, his twitter is here, and let this dude get back into Los Angeles. I’m taking the camera. It will be glorious.
You watch and try to learn something new.

Alert: Da Brat is still spitting harder than the Average (Female?) Rapper. YouTubed Proof:

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I have a special place in my heart for Da Brat. I really do. On top of being the very first Female MC to have a platinum record (no seriously, google it), Funkdafied still gets rotation often in my random hip hop album plays.
Now despite her absence for a few years previous to her 3-year sentence she just finished for clocking a hoodbooger over the head with a glass bottle and being sent to jail (oh boy), Da Brat clears parole, sneaks into the studio with Bryan Barber, Allen Iverson and Jermaine, hops on the mic and resumes spitting like nothing ever happened. Hasn’t lost a step when it comes to that flow. Sounds like she gained a few steps, really.
My hope is that she realizes to not waste anymore time, see that this is the time for female rappers to get it in right now, and drop some spectacular s*** on us thats been long due. But I digress…

Here’s Brat in the studio with Jermaine Dupri going in over Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” beat. I’m impressed.

Please Musical Jebus. Let there be more. Amen.