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Did we discuss the new Random Axe Video for "The Hex?" Because thats out now. Links:

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Set for a June 14th release, the combination of Black Milk + Sean Price + Guilty Simpson = Random Axe; which could be the most kick ass thing to happen to Hip Hop in a while. Also, could be the most randomly awesome mix-up of people since the surprise of Hail Mary Mallon. Plus, if I don’t tell you about this, it would be an injustice to music, and Hexmurda would hunt me down and hate on me to my face.


I want to be like Jeremy Ellis when I grow up. You dont EVEN understand right now.

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Very few people outright inspire me to go out, buy equipment I know nothing about, and play around with making beats on Maschines that I wouldn’t even understand how to use. Adding himself to that small list of people who make me want to be a better musician/person is Detroit born and 808 raised Jeremy Ellis, one of the most suprisingly illest beatmakers to pop up lately. Not only are his skills on the MPC incredible, he also does amazing things on a piano system I have yet to place a name to (but DJ Jedi showed me the other week at Turntable Lab LA and you can see below in his Dilla tribute) and gives you lessons on how to become fairly awesome at it yourself.

If you dont believe me, you can watch him do his thing below.

…and I can’t believe someone got my very first introduction to his skills on tape. An AMAZING Dilla tribute he did in Chinatown a few months back. Glorious. Thanks, guy who got this on tape. You’re amazing.

From there, his website is here, his twitter is here, and let this dude get back into Los Angeles. I’m taking the camera. It will be glorious.
You watch and try to learn something new.

If you didn't know already, Beastie Boys + Nas = Flawlessness. Too Many Rappers [New Reactionaries Version]:

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I mean, if you didn’t know, I just want to highlight this. Hopefully theres some kinda video treatment in the works for this already. Please. Please Music Video Jebus.
Too Many Rappers [New Reactionaries Version]. Beastie Boys Featuring Nas. From the somewhat epic and worth the wait Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. My favorite song on the album thus far, possibly for the long run. I love everything about it. The 80s style only they can do, the (somewhat minimalist) beats, the crazy sounds used to make music, the weird synthesized sound fading in out the song like a siren or light of warning. Its so ill. I love Hip Hop like this. You guys can party to Make Some Noise if you want to, I’m over here with this song.

Witness the Haiku Power and Press Play. Or click the link. From your cellphones or iPads. You can play it.

[haiku url=”″ title=”Beastie Boys Featuring Nas: Too Many Rappers [New Reactionaries Version]

..and then check the completely different version of it sitting on YouTube I just found.

Enjoy this in all of its awesome, please.


Since the Rapture is coming, I will prepare (celebrate?) with the appropriate musics.

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Mary Mary is always appropriate.

Throw in some Kanye West for good measure:

….and Blondie by default. Shoutout to VH1Soul an’em.

Gotta get some Sam Cooke in…

[haiku url=”″ title=”Nearer To Thee – Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers”]
*right click; save as*

Mahalia Jackson too.
[haiku url=”″ title=”We Shall Overcome – Mahalia Jackson”]
*right click, save as*

And its not the Rapture without Anita Baker singing about being caught up in it.

[haiku url=”″ title=”Anita Baker – Caught Up In The Rapture”]
*right click; save as*

I havent figured out how to center Haiku Player yet, but just tell me if it works for now.
Enjoy your raptures.

Written by E

May 21, 2011 at 9:02 am

A list of Amazing and Totally Appropriate music to Celebrate President Barack Obama's Awesome.

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To celebrate Grammy | Nobel Award Winning President Obama’s recent wins for everyone around the world, I put together a random list of awesome music that can either be used as Intro Music, or music that properly addresses and celebrates this situation.

This was my first and obvious choice. I was hoping he would walk out to this music to make the announcement.

via @thatdarnjasmine

via @CindyLu

…and other songs that just happen to be appropriate.

…please feel free to add any music you feel is appropriate that I might have missed out on or forgotten.
And enjoy.



That new Incubus sounds pretty good tho. Link:

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Its like, 7 or 8 albums in for these guys, and they still sound wonderfully decent. Definitely do not suck. “Adolescents,” the newest single from their untitled (as I know it) album drifts between laid back melodic guitar riffs, syncopating to different sounds and rhythms throughout. Blatently showing off their growth as musicians. Loved and missed the energy and focus they brought on “Light Grenades;” Hope that same sound finds it way to the new album.  Sounds like it thus far.

Thanks Stephanie, for reminding and pointing it out for me.

I’ll be paying attention to this one. You Enjoy.

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April 9, 2011 at 3:16 pm

TV On The Radio announce new album, "Nine Types of Light." I had a Musical Orgasm. Link:

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Swipe from my boy Andrew over at Prefix Magazine (which was a swipe from Pitchfork…):

TV On The Radio Returning With ‘Nine Types Of Light’ This Spring

February 7, 2011 3:39 p.m. by Andrew Martin

As we reported in September 2009,  TV on the Radio went on a year-long break so its members could work on some solo material/side projects. And in the ensuing months we all heard the results of that time off, from Kyp Malone’s Rain Machine project to Dave Sitek’s work as Maximum Balloon. But now, nearly a year and a half later, the guys are back. The quintet announced that their fourth proper studio album, Nine Types Of Light, is due out on Interscope this spring. That’s all that has been revealed thus far, so be sure to check back here for any further information on the album.

Oh I can’t wait.
Can’t wait, can’t wait, can not WAIT.
More on this as I find it.

Written by E

February 8, 2011 at 9:00 am