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Kaki King updates for the Summer 2011s and stuffs.

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Hey everyone.

KKHQ checking in with some awesome new Photos and Videos from all around the globe and Kaki’s Traveling Freak Guitar Show adventures.

Once again, Obrigado Brazil! You continue to be amazing even though Kaki has left (with plans to return soon).  On top of the 2 concerts at SESC being sold out, Kaki recorded 2 songs and interview for the web music portal, recorded another 2 songs and interview for “Tudo Seu”, did a workshop in a music school, an interview for Guitar Player Brazil, an interview for “Território da Música” magazine, and ANOTHER interview for MTV Brazil along with some Google Doodles. She also recorded 1 song and did a long interview for TV Cultura-Metropolis, along with a great interview with Blogueristas Feministas that Kaki completed (thanks Miguel Barella!). As everything pops up, you’ll see more updates and more video being posted to Kaki’s Media Section.

Along with that, there is so much AMAZING footage of Kaki’s live shows at SESC from fans everywhere. Recheio Agencia de Conteudo’s has amazing photo footage of Kaki preparing beforehand while Victor Balde gives you some of his best personal shots (like the one you see in the post!). If you are looking for the live footage experience, YouTube Users (and dedicated fans) Livyak and MurderNouveau captured beautiful versions of “Zeitgeist” and “Lies” live at SESC for us to watch and enjoy. You can check out their accounts for more.

On top of all that… Kaki is already making her way into Minneapolis, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Canada and Italy for the summer and fall to continue the Traveling Freak Guitar Show! Dates are coming up fast and tickets are selling out faster, so make sure that you visit the tour page for info and links on how to get your tickets. And dont forget to enter our Photo Tag Ticket Giveaway on Facebook.

Stay close for more updates soon.



Of course there is more news, but I’ll be spreading  it out over a few days.
Keep you updated.

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