Music Nerdery.

I listen to a lot of Music.

Well. @IndiaBenet is starting to let her Music Light Shine. And I like what I hear/see. YouTube with me:

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India Benet. Daughter of Eric Benet. It looks like she picked up the musical gene. Clearly. She first caught my attention when my girl Stephanie sent me a link of her doing an adorable and WELL done Cover/Medley of Nikki Minaj’s “Your Love” with Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” on guitar. Yeah. Your initial reaction is probably “WTF” and you THINK it wouldn’t work… until India demonstrates the ability to link songs together in any key or tempo. As a Music Nerd… that is impressive. And displays massive talent.

Freaked out by how fast kids grow up and how much talent this one happens to be oozing, I instantly went to her YouTube page and searched related links to find out more on this kid’s awesome. And surely enough… her and Daddy have been at it for a while.

Kinda adorable… and really well done.
She took a break for a minute, probably just being cute and living life. But just recently, shes posted another video of her doing another wonderful cover. This time shes on the piano, singing her little heart out to A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover.”

Interesting to say the least.
Welp, from here, its all about hoping that she gets out there the right way, and has the right people behind her music, if shes serious. And she should be. The talent is definitely there. Check her out on her twitter page, and enjoy.

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