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Chaka Khan and I have an awesome moment in time. Anita Baker follows me on Twitter. Life is Suddenly Complete.

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(If the picture is too small for you… and I’m sure it is… just click here.)

Because things like this matter to me.

So not only do I have a beautiful moment in time with Chaka Khan earlier this week (that will be a potholes blog shortly), I achieve the Social Media Nerd’s dream by actually having the Legendary Anita Baker follow me. WTF? Chaka Khan? Anita Baker follow? How in the entire hell did you get her to do this, you ask?  Well, other than using twitter CORRECTLY, I ended up having to explain why some people are twitter stupid and get mad when celebrities don’t follow back (and several other things). I just didn’t want her to be thrown off by internet idiots, you know. In a hilarious twist of fate that completely surprised the holy music Jebus out of me, Ms. Baker then promptly followed my account.

I then did the total anti-thesis of what you’re supposta do as a Twitter Pro and Social Media Director and secretly had a music nerd spazzout. I somewhat recovered, then hit screen shot; thus preserving proof of this epic moment in Music Nerd, Anita Baker loving history. If she ever unfollows me, its TOTALLY okay. I understand. I tweet heavy. Its okay. But for now, I am in an ELITE LIST of motherfu*kers (I’m sitting right next to Esperanza Spalding for the LOVE OF MUSIC JEBUS; that MIGHT require a screenshot within itself), and I will bask in EVERY SECOND of the glory for the meantime. No, I am not ashamed to occasionally release my inner fanboy.

I am a full-out twitter nerd, kids. If you haven’t noticed. I keep a thorough list of followers. Really. Part of it is having an old 2007/2008 account, part of it is just people I know. So I try to keep some kinda  But I gotta admit… pressures on with Anita following me now. @KakiKing complains about me overtweeting and swearing my ass off at times and I totally ignore her. Ms. Baker starts to following me, and I find myself editing my swears and making sure what I have to say is relevant. Thats power. LOL. This, by default, will make me a better tweeter. Should be awesome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go celebrate this Epic Nerd Victory by immediately putting my entire physical catalog of Anita Baker into rotation. Even the Vinyls. And A bottle of my Bert Simon Riesling. And finish this Roots Grammy Jam Review | Awesome Chaka Khan Moments in Time for you to review pretty soon.

Later people.

Written by E

February 17, 2011 at 12:01 am

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  1. blah blah cool cool cool cool cool cool keep doing u no 1 can stop ur swava…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    March 3, 2011 at 12:08 pm

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