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Edith Funker | "Dont Forget The Hot Sauce" = Erykah Badu | "Annie Don't Wear No Panties."

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There is way too much awesome in this one Photo, and the average person will probably never figure out why.

So. Many moons ago, when Erykah Badu released her 4th album New Amerykah Part 1: 4th world war, she also released a video for “Honey,” one of her better tracks on that (fairly amazing) album. Somewhere in between that wonderful video (which was already filled with great vinyl album shoutouts to great artists), Erykah managed to wedge in a stunning new song that wasn’t included on the album; instantly driving us nerds insane for more. It was also a perfectly executed shout out to the father of her first child, André 3000, and his creative stylings. Using the exact same format as set up as André did in his personal video epic, “Hey Ya,” Erykah channels André in the fullest while singing her own funky joint which we all believed was called “Annie Dont Wear No Panties.”  It was greatness. People were all over YouTube chopping and editing that one specific part of the video out of the entire shoot and presenting that as its own video, at one point (that was awesome, before YouTube nazi’s took it down).

Well, we don’t need to do all that anymore. It looks like Erykah has teamed up with an All-Star Cast and Musical Crew to bring you a full Version of “Annie Dont Wear No Panties….” now dubbed “Don’t Forget the Hot Sauce.” Cleverly hiding behind the name ‘Edith Funker,’ everyone from Nikka Costa to Questlove show up to form this SuperAwesome band, Voltron-Style.

You can get that by clicking HERE, or watching the YouTubeage below.

Thanks, Potholes in my Blog.

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Oh! Wait! Awesome GIF Moment (jade typhoon activate):

I knew I had this somewhere. Winning.

Good times.

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