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Alejandra in Mexico made this for me. Since I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, I'm in love. And I feel special.

Not that I’d want to distract you from the glory that is my (CLICK HEEEERRRRRREEEEEEE), but I’ve gotten a ton of requests asking me to blog up what I’ve been listening to lately. Everyone also wants me to start listing my top albums of 2010. Welp, that’s what I keep a for. Lord knows I don’t remember. So here you go.

Stats for the past 12 Months:
Placement | Artists | How Many Times I Played It
1     The Roots 618

2         Kaki King 601

3      Erykah Badu 379

4     Auf der Maur 325

5      Nas & Damian Marley 299

6       Cage the Elephant 249

7     Lupe Fiasco 222

8    Freeway & Jake One 216

9      Shy Guy 196

10    Fleet Foxes 163

Weekly Stats:
Placement | Artists | How Many Times I Played It
1    Nas & Damian Marley 267

2   Incubus 89

3      Kaki King 84

4   The Roots 81

5    José James 60

6      Big Boi 43

7   Company of Thieves 19

8      Alan Menken 14

9    Von Pea 12

10   Andre 3000 10

So there it is.  For now. Maybe I’ll Make list at the end of the year, but who knows.
If you want more, this link right here will take you to the Top Artist page with everything you wanna know on it.

Have fun.

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